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17 juli, 2019


AFROBEATS 21 och 22 Juli

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Kolla Hit!!!
Söndag och måndag får vi besök ända ifrån Kenya! Makadem kommer höja stämmningen med härliga rytmer från Afrika, detta får ni inte missa!


Makadem is a talented musician and vibrant performing artist. His stage presence, charismatic personal and powerful vocal delivery have had him likened to the legendary King of Afro-Beat, Fela Kuti; and his soulful folk ballads have earned him comparisons to the legendary Bob Dylan.

Having been very versatile, he first emerged as a dance hall artist, a rapper and a singer going by the title Mr. Lololova and produced by a mombasa based musician and producer,Nabeel Sansool between 1997 and 2000.

He quickly settled for what he loved the most,contemporary African music having shifted his base to Ketebul music in Nairobi under the production of Tabu Osusa in 2005.

This earned him his first world class album the one and only Ohangla-man and his debut concerts in international festivals starting with Fest Horn in Djibouti in 2007, followed by Sauti Za Busara ,Zanzibar Tanza-nia, twice in 2007 and 2010.